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Otterbox is the Only Phone Case That Matters. 

When I shot my leg like an idiot, my reflex upon being hit was to hurl my iPhone 4 across the room, bouncing it off the ceiling and walls before it landed in front of me. I remember seeing it on the concrete floor after landing on a corner of the screen from about eight feet up- completely unscathed and displaying the “Call 911” screen. Now I’ve tried every brand, style and model of iPhone cases on the market and ever since I saw the sales rep at Fry’s dropkick his across a warehouse and picking it up with nary a scratch to be seen, I have known Otterbox is quality. However, I don’t know of any other products out there that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but solid enough to literally save my life after a 12 gauge shotgun blast changes my life, so why use anything else? Bet your life on it- I did, and I’m alive thanks to it!

What a cute little fella!

I suggest the Commuter, but you can’t go wrong. Trust me.

Look forward to a rather endearing post about the respect I have for these cases in the near future! 

Latest Project: Pepper Spray Product Reviews, Analysis and Testing

My personal website, the ubiquitous, has started a new and completely revised series on pepper sprays. Over the next few months I’ll be releasing new articles and reviews twice a week covering different brands, types, formulations, sizes and every aspect one needs to get a good grasp on OC/CS/CN/CR defense sprays. I’ve had to use this stuff more often than I’d have ever wanted to, and it only seems fair to share my experience and expertise (if you can call it that) with the rest of the world. Months of research and countless hours on the phone with dozens of companies has culminated in my writing of these articles, and I hope you enjoy and learn from them. Check out the very first one here.

Lone Star Signs IT Management

I made the new site for Lone Star Signs in Midland, TX a while back and currently work with them as the guy to see if anything electronic that makes “beep-boop” sounds is on the fritz. The company is the best I’ve worked for in Midland as they’re easily the most honest, creative and innovative sign shop in the state. No more details, contractual blah blah blah, but check ’em out (and tell ’em Jarcy sent you)!

the best, fuck the rest

For my TLC Homies and the Back Door that Died a Hero.

Had the best four years at a “job” anyone could ask for. I’m still doing a little bit here and there, but not so much now that I’ve moved across the state. The finest IT support company in DFW, if not Texas/America/Moon Base #1 and I would and often do send people to them. Matt’s the best man to work on your systems, Hudson is an amazing tech and David out-develops most developers. If you need work done in or around Denton, TX there’s only one place you should even consider: The Local Circuit!

Also check out PaperCostMoney. Yes, the URL is a grammatical eyesore but that’s a completely different story. Same guys, best document scanning and archiving on the market.

MORE TO COME SOON. I’ve got to format and affix my portfolio, resume and such to this thing sooner rather than later. Check back often to see if my lazy ass has gotten it done. If not, remind me. Erotically.

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Very inspiring story. I’m glad you were able to come out ahead. Odd question: straight or gay?


    • thank you! it helped me become who i am today, and who i am today kicks ass. to answer your question: straight.

      …why do you ask? is TMZ doing a piece on me already? 😛


  2. Damn brother… Hope your doing well. Hard to move on from something that traumatic


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