I like to mess around with a lot of things and consider myself the Gomer Pyle of D.I.Y., so chronicling these endeavors might be helpful if (or when) I finally punch my own ticket with homemade electronics/toys/cannon the public has the privilege to view my spectacularly misguided ideas. Some of these you can duplicate in your own home, though I wouldn’t really advise it unless your insurance provider is very, very generous or you simply do not value your own safety, sanity, well-being, health, reputation or fertility.

Music – As a guitarist since I was 14ish, I’m going to shamelessly show off my awful aural endeavors on here, because it’s my name dot com and I can upload hours of blackened death jazz riffing Kyle and I recorded in a closet if I want to. Visit my Facebook page to find out what I’ve been listening to- or, if you’re feeling adventurous, fucking get to know me!

Firearms – Things like my personal hobby of rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition reloading/handloading, gun modifications and reviews, and the “off-beat” and “ill-advised” stuff like easily making devastating  shotgun shells with crayons and BBs, restoring an old Russian mil-surp then Bubba-ing the shit out of it, and restoring a Nagant revolver to a stupid degree so it can use three different kinds of rounds comfortably for less than $100.

Tech – I own and run Blue Milk Studios, a design/consultant house in Midland, TX. I’m a fairly big geek and often sperg out if provoked by, say, a discussion on the merits of Goatse for hours, yapping until I collapse from sheer lack of oxygen due to my constant and hyperventilation-inducing stammering on the same points over and over and over for hours. That is how I roll. Computer systems in all regards from troubleshooting stupid registry errors in Vista to overclocking your six-core AMD because it’s a damn badge of honor. Plus, trivial things about working in IT! Angry clients! Clueless clients! Clients doing client things!

Other Stuff – Oh jst tons of shit, much of which is subversive and/or explicitly explicit in nature. It’s late, I’m tired, and thus you’ll have to use your imagination. Here’s a hint: pornography.


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