Pepper Spray

Under construction! New reviews and refined copies of past articles to come with the new batch of sprays I’ve got lined up to test in the next few weeks. Check back soon!

After a couple years of carrying pepper spray, I started researching what made the brands and formulas differ in price, potency and quality. As I have my name plus “dot com” as my repository of nerdy studies, I think it’s only appropriate that I share my information here as I’m regularly getting new mixtures of liquefied hellfire, especially given the lack of decent (and regularly maintained) blogs that cover self-defense tools and sprays on a level deeper than “hey WOW HOT IN MY EYEBALLS! this stuff is hot so yeah it’s wonderful” overly-enthusiastic gushes of verbal fellatio because they lack both the understanding of real-world use and application, and because they’re not really trying.


This is less than 1/10 of my aerosol arsenal. I’m kind of a huge dork about the stuff, if you couldn’t tell.

Here, we put every product to tests made to replicate practical situations where you might have to defend yourself. As a cyclist, I depend on this stuff for protection from feral dogs and thugs, so none of it is ever taken lightly. Suffice it to say that all my reviews are honest and well-researched, and I hope that’s readily apparent. I’d type more, bu it’s late and The Walking Dead is on!


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