Systems, Shotgun Shells and Satisfaction

For the past few days I’ve been working on an inventory system for a client with a large sign-making business. I did their site ( and have streamlined a massive amount of their internal protocols, plus cleaned up their well-infected computers and workstations. The owner likes my work enough to give me use of their loft office for my business and shop since I’ll be working for them concurrently as I run my design house. I keep harping on my new office, and for good reason: Ryan “WTF” Jarcy has a legitimate business with a super-nice office! No more scouring Craigslist for gigs, and no more two hour commutes on the buses/trains for a part-time job paying $10/hour. Don’t think I’d call this “living the dream” quite yet, but I’m definitely not “living the night terror” anymore.

Glockin' for Fur

This guy shows up everywhere!

As I’m going to be practically “in the office” every day and by proxy immediately available for them, I engineered a inventory and work order tracking process

using QR codes and Google Docs, employing Docs as a universally accessible database and QR codes as barcode/label substitutes. Ain’t giving away my secrets, but Google the idea and you’ll see what I mean. Implementing and installing it all will be a somewhat arduous task, but an arduous task that pays. And I’m all about getting paid.

Scan me, ass!

A little something for your day.

Going to Big D this weekend to see my mom (Mother’s Day, for all of you who forgot) and get the rest of my stuff out of storage. Seeing my friends, family and local panhandlers will be fantastic, and just getting to spend time with my mom means a lot to me. She’s the one who really pushed for me to come out here, so I want to show her all the progress I’ve made thus far and thank her for her unwavering support, even when I really wasn’t trying to move especially across the damn state. The old saying is true, guys: the older you get, the more you realize your parents were right all along.

I also learned how to use my new SM82 shotgun shell press! I’m buying supplies tonight to load 3″ 12ga cartridges, namely my own variations on the classic “buck and ball” and “pitbull” shot formulas. The standard buck and ball is a mix of 00 buckshot and 7 1/2 birdshot, enabling the shooter to clear through obstacles (vegetation, walls, armor) by using the lighter birdshot with the heavy buckshot coming behind it to deliver serious damage to the target. The “pitbull” is similar, with a 1.3oz slug instead of buckshot for a more focused and accurate shot. These are sold online occasionally, but due to their perpensity to obliterate the edible meat they’re not used in the field too often.


The bastard child of these two, basically.

However, for my personal entertainment/self-inflicted injuries, I’ve cooked up what’s call the “Texas Pitbull” load: a 3″ cut-shell with a heavy powder load propelling a 1.3oz slug at around 1,200 feet per second with six 000 buckshot pellets behind it. The “cut-shell” uses the top 1/3-1/2 of the hull as a sort of sabot-meets-wad that keeps the pellets close together for a much smaller spread, enabling them to blast the target after the slug has hit it.

The result is a large, devastating wound from the slug followed directly by six pellets being injected to the already-opened wound cavity that absolutely annihilates whatever it hits. It’s usable on bigger game only, as it would turn anything less than a hog into a fine mist of guts and gore, and is really optimized for home defense and taking on dangerous game unexpectedly (Grizzly bears, packs of wolves, Dick Cheney on a hunting trip). It kicks harder than most anything else on both ends and is typically used when hiking, camping or otherwise exploring areas that one may encounter some nasty critters in. And I’m making it on my own like an uncool, broke-ass Tony Stark.

awwww! :(

I have blown Iron Man’s mind.

So that’s about all today, dear readers. I have sites to browse and hard drives to format, wish me luck! Or better yet, send me money!


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