A Cozy Little Office

Looks like I’ll be moving into the loft office at Lone Star Signs this coming week! The owner has been very impressed with my skills so far and wants me up there for accessibility. “You’d be there working, so if we need help, it just makes sense!” Music to my ears.

Damn it feels good to a gan- employed.

Not at all like this. Cooler, better, Jarcier.

If I’m going to be working above the shop, I’m going to make it one hell of an office space. I’ve already got my systems, Skype, etc. ready and planned, but I’m stumped on design themes. Vinyl, neon, even LED marquees are made downstairs and decorating with a few custom pieces seems like the most unique/obvious choice so long as I can think of something. My logo and company in neon, for sure, and perhaps some vinyl wall coverings to go with the hanging art. Uncle John is a goddamn savant with glass, and having him make something would be impeccable.


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