Midland Goddamn Texas

Sorry for the tasteless title, but I just had to say it. When I was offered a spot out here, that was my initial reaction: “Where in the hell is Midland? Or Odessa? SIX HOURS?!” The idea progressed, however, and as luck would have it I’m enjoying myself out here way more than I ever did in the city.

I’ve made it a point not to be the guy who rags on “city folk” and “liberal bullshit” and “how do you read” to come off as more Texan than city slicker. I don’t have a cowboy hat. I don’t own a pair of boots. I don’t blame Obama for 9/11. I don’t really seem like a Midland kind of guy. Yet, I like it here.


Black gold and white people. Booooooring.

I fit in like I did in Allen: pretty suburbia-styled, mostly ambivalent if not a little friendly, dangerous if you go looking for trouble. Everyone knows that “The City” is no less than 100 miles away, and thus everyone gets their kicks locally from the varied juke joints, dive bars and meth labs that tend to crop up like pump jacks. I’ve encountered a few bums, but nothing, and I mean nothing, even remotely close to what one can find in downtown Dallas. In Dallas you have to keep your car parked in a well-lit area or expect to get broken in to; in Midland people keep their keys in their car.


There’s a joke here, but not today.

I’ve also had a shockingly large amount of the day given to using the computer(s) as I’m usually using, fixing or working on my iPad, desktop, laptop, toaster, and Magic -Ball from 1PM to 7-9PM at least. Now that I’ve actually got my business off the ground here much faster than I had anticipated I have to remind myself to stop staring at the screen and get out for a bit every hour or so. If I had my bike this wouldn’t be an issue. Mood: 😦

Oh, I finished LSSigns.com. It’s a bit rough in CSS but seems to work on most machines so I’m happy. If anyone knows a solid way to put a widget on one page only please let me know.

Food for now, more later. Time to keep this thing up.


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