This Shitty Week in Briefs, not Boxers


Not my style of stress response, unfortunately.

It’s been a hellish week to say he least. Moving has become “a thing” since the owner’s wife is hesitant about anyone staying in the loft until the man gets back. Understandable, as their last tenants screwed them seven days a week, but a colossal pain in the ass nonetheless. Semantics and situations, yes, but frustrating all the same. So what to do?

Play Fallout 3, watch MST3K and loaf. That’s it. My plan to avoid stress is to avoid work- nay, responsibility- and spend every bit of energy I have on all and sundry. Laziness. Shiftless narcissism. Success.

This man is happy. Are you?

See, I feel very “Lost Generation” right now, as I’m working on a project while drinking at Lee Harvey’s (local dive for non-Dallas folk) and smashing down $1 fish tacos. It’s cozy as home, littered with the odd daily drunkard and a never-ending stream of local flavor. Two large construction workers came in a few minutes ago loud declaring their need for alcohol and sweet, sweet tail. Did they harass the bartender, a cute blonde with a brain? No! They’re conversing like normal people, because this is where normal people often do their conversing. A distinct sense of belonging is harbors beyond the screened patio door and I’m quite elated to have found it. So totes Hemingway, y’all.

I’m meeting Shane for coffee on Thursday and in the meantime he’s helping me find a place (ideally here in the Cedars). A solid relationship with the local cops is ALWAYS good, and he’s a pretty cool guy at that. When crisis rears it’s intrusively inconvenient head, the simple assurance of “Officer Owens, Dallas Police, what’s up?” over the phone is invaluable. Eazy-E would be shamed…

Neighbor Five has been cool, cordial and quiet. Seems he meant his apology and for that I’m unbelievably grateful. With all the mess with the building, I can use all the friends I can get. Also, he loves Amanitas muscaria mushrooms. Wiki them.

In two weeks I’ll have a new place, bet. That’s all for now- beer’s warm and tacos are cold. No bueno, eat now!


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