A Decision to Make?

This post brought to you by David Menzdorf: Crazed Methhead Gunman of the Week
Note: David apologized! And he’s kinda alright!


In light of recent events (if you don’t know, ask me, and there’s a blog forthcoming) I’ve had to hurry up on my CHL submission. I passed the class (248/250 suckers!) but never paid the $140 to the state- and now I think I might have to take it again due to deadlines and such. No biggie, but still another item on my ever-increasing To-Do list. I want a semi-auto for now and a nice .357 later, but in what caliber? No, not another .32, but a big one. A .45 or hell, a damn .45-70 if such a SA pistol exists.


I, personally, prefer big-bore cartridges. A 9mm is well-suited to many situations and can take on nearly anything, yet the appeal of a hefty bullet at moderate speeds makes their devastating impact explicit and visceral: these rounds were engineered with the sole intent of tearing up a human body.


That’s a grave and rather bleak way of putting it, but the principle of “bigger hole, quicker kill” is undeniably the first tenant of self-defense and knowing that I simply see more applications (in my own world, not anyone else) for a .45 ACP Glock 22 than a Glock 19 chambered in something smaller than .40 S&W and therefore more potential use makes the decision for me.

As I type this, I have only a scant handful of guns around: a .22LR Savage varmint rifle, an old Titan .25 ACP pocket pistol and my too-cool-for-school 1932 Colt PPS revolver rocking the venerable old .32-20 WCF. Nothing bigger than a .32, but usually packing a FP cast lead slug with some Trail Boss behind it to make a decent little “.32 Magnum” wheelgun. Admittedly, a .32 “magnum” seems silly given the size of the slug, yet the WCF was designed in 1886 or so and loaded up with enough bang to make it viable for law enforcement and hunting purposes. So, uh, I guess that makes it a… weird old collectible? Steel testament to iron workers of ages long past?

I don’t trust my life to anything but the Colt, obviously, as the relatively tiny .22LR and the (even more worthless) .25ACP provide little firepower if you’re working around cover or inside. The Savage, loaded with CCI Blazer hypersonic ammunition, has the capability to unload some fast and surprisingly effective hollow points at distance, but it’s configuration as a rifle makes it a little bit inconceivable as a carried weapon. The Titan, well, sucks in both the power AND reliability departments due to the piss-poor mess that is the .25 Automatic Colt Penispopper; it’s reputation as a horrible, awful, backward-ass cartridge is well-deserved, but as they say, “it’s better than a rock” in a fight.

Now, to my dreams and aspirations. In a perfect world, I would have all the guns. All of them.


However, since my presidential campaign has been unsuccessful so far, I must settle for a budget-minded, economical hunk of mechanical hellfire with which to re-certify for my CHL (don’t miss deadlines, kids!) and defend my home and cat. A Glock with a medium or full frame in .40S&W or .45ACP would suit me very well, but that’s a lot of cash when I’m trying to get my bills paid and business is in a lull before contracts are finally signed.

Should I buy a Hi-Point? They’re not THAT bad, and my experience has been shockingly smooth so far. The factory will do a free trigger job nowadays for free, and they don’t jam or stovepipe hardly at- contrary to what one might expect from a $150 semi-auto.

Perhaps my birthday will bring a windfall of luck, but I’m still betting on having to hold out for a Jarcy-style bargain. Maybe a little Taurus .357 will show up on Gunbroker… But probably not.


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