Of Indoles and Innocence

***   Note: this is an old .txt i found when researching JXX properties back in college. Not interesting at all, but shows what it was like to know of this potential before the bans hit.   ***

When asked for an opinion on JWH-250 and smoking blends:

well, you have one that’s been sprayed with jwh-250. jwh-250 is being found in some smoke mixes, while -018 and -073 are still something of the standards. in very basic terms, it’s a synthetic cannabinoid with affinity at both cb1 and cb2 receptors- meaning it will give thc-like effects. it’s part of a series of research chemicals popularly and easily available online, so it’s been scoped out recently for the proposed and forthcoming bans on K2, jwh-073 and the like. depending on the language of the law, it’s going to be very, very tough for authorities to keep up with these chemicals at the rate they’re being mass-distributed.

it could be harmful in the long run, who knows, but right now it doesn’t look too bad for you. i mean, it’s kind of a personal choice to make. they’re all research chemicals, and since they still being researched, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. is it? that’s a broad question. are the chemicals safe? we don’t fully know, but they look benign enough.

even so, there’s a site right now using AM694 as an active ingredient for sale. AM694 is metabolized into fluoroacetic acid in the body, and that shit is absolutely god-awful for you- more carcinogenic and generally nasty than some war gases. so, if people starting using THAT as their “secret” ingredient, then yes, i think we might well see an increase in side-effects. but as i said before, that all depends on what we learn about it. takes time and money to research, and it’s a slow process. most drug discussion forums are warning to keep away from AM694 until further notice, and i agree with them.

i’m speculating a transition to a different set of chemicals soon. since -018 and -073 are what put the kick in k2, I’d expect them to be first to go among the cannabinoids (not to mention the other research chemicals) if and when the government intervenes. the wording and language of the law have a lot to do with it, as some countries have already gotten around it by banning “recreational chemicals” and “drugs to mimic the action of illicit substances.” since that can be bent pretty clearly in favor of the prosecution, little room is left for websites and vendors to offer/ship their product anywhere, and the “alternative” smoking community will take a loss.

here’s a simple google search. information about each chemical and the whole “k2 deal” abounds online.







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