Throwdown Hoedown

The Syndicate open mic night was well-eclipsed by Kevin’s band, as the other acts- poets, rappers, singers, guitarists- simply didn’t hold a candle to the technical precision and enthusiasm the three-piece ensemble brought to the stage. I can’t wait until they play a full set- they’ve got the repertoire, skills and style necessary for a killer group. Check out their MySpace and refer your best vocalist pals- they need a singer capable of handling so much rock they’ll arrest them for crack use.

Routinely, I service computers and electronics belonging to people many, many years my senior and much more educated. It seems, however, that as age and/or wisdom increases, the figure correlates opposite to the level of technological aptitude. It’s one thing to ask how to set up a DVD player, but speaking down to a junior college technician because it’s not plugged in is asking for trouble. Old people on our campus should be screened to ensure that they can use a computer, turn on a projector and feed themselves.

For a gauge on how my day has been so far, Google ‘One Guy One Jar’ and take some time to reflect. The truest definition of a pain in the ass- next to a certain supervisor on campus, of course.


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