Concise, Clear Castiel Concert Coverage

Kevin and his band of outrageously talented peeps are playing their first ‘official’ show tonight at the Syndicate on the UNT campus, hoping to finally find a singer as well as practice their chops in front of a live audience. John and I plan to pregame on Fry Street and rock out as hard as possible, while Kyle and Brandon meet us there in all the hardcore kid glory they can muster. I’m somewhat partial to adorning myself with some gaudy shit to go with the joke, but I’m not really much of a tight-pants-and-a-bandanna hardcore kid. I suppose I’ll have to wear a hoodie. Such work being a diva- er, hardcore kid.

John beat me twice at darts tonight, and that experience reminded me of something- I suck ass at darts. When I drink, the tunnel vision feels like it helps (and makes it more fun, in any case) and boosts my competitive spirit. Video games aren’t my forte either, so maybe I ought to take up billiards or NFL2K9 this week for posterity’s sake. Having some sort of game to play enables me to have my ass kicked in situations where getting my ass kicked would seem mandatory.

Masturbation may seem like a natural act, but is it right in the eyes of God? Well, no, because jerking off in God’s eyes would make a mess and probably annoy him.


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