media to stuff your aural holes

It’s Monday, and we all know what that means- a shitty week ahead of us, sprinkled with shitty obligations and shitty schedules. So, in my limitless grace, I’ve offered up a couple of reviews. Some crusty black metal for the sub-zero temperatures and a black comedy for the… sake of a black comedy. Enjoy and appreciate, jerks!

Delicatessen – 1991 – Dominique Pinon, Marie-Laure Dougnac

Besides a war-torn Middle East, a turbulent economy and the first reich of the Bush empire, 1991 brought us a lot of comically terrifying things. Delicatessen, a bleakly hilarious French flick by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, is one such tidbit of entertainment worth remembering from that time, even if a lot of moviegoers aren’t particularly well-versed in foreign films.

Heavily character-driven, the 1950s-era feel is post-apocalyptic as it gets and culls heavily from French culture and sociopolitical commentary, deriving one of the most hopeless and mysterious settings this side of the Fallout video game series.  Our protagonist, an amicable and charming clown named Louison, finds himself in the midst of a unnnerving and darkly humorous cast of characters living together in an isolated apartment building, trying to preserve what bits of civility they have while their landlord murders and sells unfortunate tenants.

And that’s all for a plot summary. That’s right- go see it rather than read this. It’s that good.

LeviathanThe Tenth Sublevel of Suicide

Moribund Cult has a few notable black metal names on their roster, but a personal favorite is Leviathan. Featuring production on par with the most grim-and-frostbitten bands recording today, the low-fi blast-beat extravaganza of Suicide is a welcome shift back to basics from the overblown Satyricon sound. The guitars are painfully dissonant, the vocals screeching, the bass barely audible, and a mood befitting the album title. You have to dig ‘old-school’ black metal to appreciate this, but even the most hardened Darkthrone acolytes should give this a shot.


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